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V0.1[edit | edit source]

Sept 24th[edit | edit source]

  • Switch places of Rocket Ridge and Volcano Dive (felt Jettisons would be more fun than changing controls of parts at that point)
  • Fixed disconnecting balloons with jettison
  • Steering wheel models now turn more when steered, to make them more obvious
  • No longer showing tutorial text / pop up on re-entering if level is complete
  • Changed some help text
  • Take Off level time star is now 3 seconds instead of 2
  • Around the Corner time star is now 12 instead of 10 seconds

Sept 28th[edit | edit source]

  • Two new challenges (#22 and #23): Forest Flight and Narrow Gap
  • Better steering, wheels now have a reasonable max speed
  • Some Sandbox parts are now unlocked by getting the stars in challenges
  • New Gun / Ammo system. Ammo works like fuel for guns. Right now two types of ammo - missiles / bullet. Better projectile collision system
  • New 'Controller' category in Sandbox part. Fixed controller is 'Activator', which when wired to parts can keep going full power when triggered
  • Wheels can now be fully rotated in craft mode
  • Booster / side thruster can be rotated 8 different directions
  • Better Helicopter blades
  • Renamed 'movers' category in Sandbox to 'Locomotion'
  • Around the World: Reduced thrusters
  • Changed star location and time challenge in Red Mountain
  • Updated some star times
  • Now shows version / build date in bottom left corner
  • Now says total stars, and best level time, in level selection screen