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Welcome to the Official Autocraft Wiki

Autocraft is a physics based puzzle game about building complex machines to accomplish objectives. Build up your robot craft, complete the challenges and win the round.

The game is currently in Early Alpha stage with two game modes: Building challenges, and sandbox mode. With 23 build challenge levels, each with 2-3 stars to obtain as an additional challenge. Why not try your hand at sandbox mode, see what amazing machines you can come up with for the best Autocraft possible.

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Visit the game on the Steam Community Hub today here.


Sept 28th Update:

  • Two new challenges (#22 and #23): Forest Flight and Narrow Gap
  • Better steering, wheels now have a reasonable max speed
  • Some Sandbox parts are now unlocked by getting the stars in challenges
  • New Gun / Ammo system. Ammo works like fuel for guns. Right now two types of ammo - missiles / bullet. Better projectile collision system
  • New 'Controller' category in Sandbox part. Fixed controller is 'Activator', which when wired to parts can keep going full power when triggered
  • Wheels can now be fully rotated in craft mode
  • Booster / side thruster can be rotated 8 different directions
  • Better Helicopter blades
  • Renamed 'movers' category in Sandbox to 'Locomotion'
  • Around the World: Reduced thrusters
  • Changed star location and time challenge in Red Mountain
  • Updated some star times
  • Now shows version / build date in bottom left corner
  • Now says total stars, and best level time, in level selection screen